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The Presence of Stillness

by April Bender
Since the passing of my beloved grandmother this past fall, I've had many opportunities to further explore the vast nature of Stillness. Subtle and mysterious, unfolding and enfolding, centering and spacious, encircling and spiraling away. . .choosing to dance with the presence of Stillness offers us passage through the many gates of inner and outer awareness.

On a superficial level, we've come to understand stillness as simply a place or state of quiet. Which in and of itself has been proven to provide many benefits to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. However, limiting Stillness to this most basic definition, limits the power or potential that this presence (or spirit) can unleash within you. Stillness is one of the greatest allies a spiritual aspirant can have. It's no wonder that all esoteric teachings in the world consider stillness to be key to spiritual development.

In order to explore these distinctions, let us consider the nature of …

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